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I have big news!


Murder Unrehearsed, my first mystery, has been published by The Wild Rose Press is now available for worldwide distribution. Click on "works" above for more about my book.



What Else I’m writing:

You'll find my name in Pacific Yachting magazine on the monthly galley column - short essays about adventures on the water and boat-friendly recipes.

Also, I’m torturing my critique group by making them read the second draft of Murder Unsuspected, a mystery that takes place in Provence, France, plus the first draft of my third, so far unnamed, novel.

Mr. Moose and Mr. Bear is simmering on the back burner.

Merryweather Moose hates his name, because other kids taunt him by calling him "Merry," so insists on being called Mr. Moose. In solidarity, his good friend, Berry Bear, becomes Mr. Bear. That and other stories about the stuffed animals who lived aboard with me and got into trouble whenever I left them alone.


About me:


I am a foodie and fanatic about good chocolate, a physical therapist (now retired), and a private pilot. I lived aboard a classic wood motor yacht for 17 years, and in my dreams, I'm a famous watercolor artist, a pianist of renown, and a globe trotting yogini. And, oh yes, an apartment in Paris would be nice.


Writing experience:

I've published a one-act play and written medical information for patients.

Each year, I study writing in Paris and Seattle, and currently hold two certificates in fiction from the University of Washington.

Professional membership:

I am a member of Pacific Northwest Writers, Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and Authors Guild.


Go Read!


I hope you will find my website occasionally funny or thought provoking. But don't stay here too long. Go find a book and curl up for a good long read.