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Murder Unrehearsed


When aspiring young actress Heather Shelton jumps in the car with her dog, Bear, and flees to her family's mountain cabin to escape an untidy romance, all she wants is peace and time to study for auditions. What she gets is murder. The only witness of a savage killing - and squarely in the crosshairs of a ruthless assassin - she is injured and left for dead.


Heather knows handsome men are bad news, but hottie lawman Matt McCrae's smile gets her every time, until he leaves her hanging out as bait to trap the killer. McCrae promises to protect her, but fails, and she faces the killer alone, with only Bear to help.





 My thanks to Erin Jackson, Assistant Editor of Pacific Yachting for her review of Murder Unrehearsed in the December 2020 issue of the magazine. Here it is:


"You might recognize this author from PY's "Galley" column. For those of you who also look forward to Roxanne Dunn's nostalgic, humourous and adventurous essays preceding her monthly recipes, her debut mystery novel gives a while lot more to sink your teeth into.


Murder Unrehearsed follows aspiring actress Heather Shelton and her brave and loyal dog, Bear, as they flee the city, and her failing romance, in need of some rest and relaxation at the family cabin. Set on a small lake in a mountain town (not all that different from the quaint marinas on our coast) she finds herself in a dangerous situation she'd never expected. As the only witness to a brutal murder, Heather soon learns that not even the law can protect her, and she and Bear must face the killer alone.


Suspenseful, heart-warming and wonderfully written, Murder Unrehearsed is the kind of book you can't put down, and even if you could, you wouldn't want to."