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Roxanne's Famous Thanksgiving Gravy


Note:  1 recipe makes 2 cups of roux; 20 cups (1 ¼ gal.) of gravy.


For the last several years, on Thanksgiving, I've made about 15 gallons of gravy for the community dinner. It is a big hit, but a lot of work. I make the roux the day before and refrigerate it in two-cup batches.


FOR USE AT HOME, I keep a batch of roux in my freezer and cut off a little here and there to thicken soups, stews, and gravies. It keeps well frozen for several months.



2 cup butter
2 cup flour
1 teaspoon Kosher salt
1 teaspoon coarsely ground pepper
2 rounded teaspoons herbes de Provence


14 cups stock, broth, or pan drippings with fat separated off and discarded
2 cups dry white wine (chardonnay)
2 - 3 tablespoons browning sauce – or more for desired color




Measure dry ingredients – add seasonings to flour.
Melt butter over medium heat.
When butter foams, set it off the flame.
Whisk flour in a little at a time, making a smooth paste.
Return pan to medium heat and whisk constantly until the flour and butter mixture bubbles and foams for three minutes.
If making ahead of time, cool and refrigerate until ready to use. 
Warm the roux to room temperature.  (It gets rock hard in the refrigerator.)


Bring roux back to gentle bubbling stage.  (2 cups of roux at a time.)
Slowly, whisking constantly, add 16 cups defatted hot broth, stock, or pan drippings.
Raise heat to medium – high, and bring to simmer.
Add 2 cups wine and browning sauce.
Simmer 3 – 5 minutes, lowering heat as needed and whisking constantly.
Thin with a little more stock if desired.
Taste. Correct seasoning. 
Add chopped, hot giblets if desired.


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